I am a small-town Georgia-born Social Entrepreneur specializing in technology and community organization. But I didn’t start out that way.

I’ve been involved with technology since I was a kid and video games have trained me to coordinate my mind with puzzle solving. So after spending 9 years in the retail apparel industry working my way up from web design to systems engineer, I began trying to solve the puzzle of how to rewire the local and small business economy with the ‘things’ that were going to improve their longevity.

In 2010, the day before I turned 30, I started @StandAndStretch as a way to reach out to local businesses to help them achieve goals through marketing, sales and eventually mentorship. It was just a blog then and, in the set of waves that social media brought, we were able to educate our clients and empower them to move into the digital spaces through partnership. As we got better, so did our list of clients. After four years, @StandAndStretch employs 8 team members who have 100% benefits paid, open leadership framework and..well, just go check out our Facebook page. We do amazing things locally and nationally.

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In 2014, I started @ShafferLabs after a string of underwhelming launches (dadurday.com, photofoodblog.com). Shaffer Labs is now a capitalized organization who incubates products or companies to grow technology based businesses on a budget. All of my prior development experience, entrepreneurial scars and undying passion for technology is allowing us to grow fast…and smart. We’ve already invested in 3 companies and are helping mentor them to sustainability while offering Shaffer Labs as a financier, principal owner or, in some cases, partnerships/joint ventures.

Email me. Let’s discuss the future. lucas@shafferlabs.com